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Verizon Is Up to It Again

Ver­i­zon Cus­tomers — Just Say No! — Read­WriteWeb

David Wein­berg­er, co-author of The Clue­train Man­i­festo and the more recent Every­thing is Mis­cel­la­neous received a let­ter today from Ver­i­zon. A “legal­is­tic pam­phlet” that informed him he has 45 days to opt out of ‘agree­ing’ to let Ver­i­zon share his per­son­al infor­ma­tion.

Wein­berg­er, unlike the major­i­ty of us who rarely read the asso­ci­at­ed para­pher­na­lia that arrives with bills and the like, noticed that Ver­i­zon’s modus operan­di was to share Cus­tomer Pro­pri­etary Net­work Infor­ma­tion — the data cre­at­ed as a result of your rela­tion­ship with Ver­i­zon Wire­less — unless you ask them to stop.

Yet anoth­er egre­gious mis­step on Ver­i­zon’s part. This is the kind of thing that will keep me from will­ing­ly using them.

Davis clos­es with what I’ve said to peo­ple all along:

For a com­pa­ny that prides itself on oper­at­ing the nation’s most reli­able and largest wire­less voice and data net­work […] it clear­ly still has a way to go.