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Least frustrating system


I don’t consider myself blindly brand-loyal to the Mac.

I know, right? Co-founder of a indie Mac software company?

I find Mac OS X to be the least frustrating of the currently available options, but the buck certainly doesn’t stop there. We have miles and miles to go in terms of making computing better. I want my socks blown off, and I don’t care whether it’s Apple, Microsoft, Google, or the open source movement that does it, as long as someone does.

I hope that making it1 Someone Else’s Problem will work out for you. If you put your faith in Apple/Microsoft/Google, or even in the open source movement, you can expect what you get. Since at least I can participate in the open source movement, if it doesn’t blow off socks, I can say that’s my fault2.

  1. “total usability utopia”, for lack of a more all-encompassing word
  2. in part, of course :)