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Google Maps Navigation

Google Navigation on AndroidGoogle Maps Nav­i­ga­tion: A Free, Ass-Kick­ing, Turn-by-Turn Mobile App — Google maps nav­i­ga­tion — Giz­mo­do

If Google sells this in the App Store for zero dol­lars, those mil­lions of bucks Apple makes off of GPS app sales will like­ly dis­ap­pear. It’s not for us to wor­ry about until there’s no more GPS com­pe­ti­tion except Google, and we’re depen­dent on their pace of progress, but no com­pe­ti­tion is a bad thing. And it’s a lit­tle strange that Google’s search mon­ey is going to pay for a free map app that is com­pet­i­tive with stuff that costs $100 a year from full-time GPS mak­ers like Tom­Tom. Unfair is the word that comes to mind. But I can’t say I don’t want this app.

Agreed, on all counts. I won­der if Apple will try to play any dif­fer­ent­ly with this than with oth­er nav­i­ga­tion apps since this is Google; does that make it any more “con­fus­ing­ly sim­i­lar” to the iPhone’s Maps app (dri­ven by Google Maps)? I think not, but I also would­n’t be con­fused by a mobile Fire­fox (Fen­nec) or Google Voice.

It’s easy to see Google’s (and their users’) advan­tage in enter­ing a com­pet­i­tive mar­ket this way, but yeah, I would­n’t want to be their com­peti­tors either.

It does scare me how much data Google now owns, more in how they ditched their licen­sors so they could do some­thing like this. But I want this app too. ;)

A new phone: Terrible timing?

So my AT&T con­tract is up this month and I’m con­sid­er­ing all my options for my next PDA. My Black­Ber­ry has been slow­ly dying on me, and I’ve not been hap­py with it.


It’s prob­a­bly no sur­prise that I’m a big fan of Android—it is pro­duced by Google — so ide­al­ly I’d get an Android device next.

How­ev­er, I’m not ter­ri­bly inclined to switch to T‑Mobile; their net­work is small­er and not as robust in all loca­tions. And the G1 leaves a lot to be desired, so I’d rather wait for the next iter­a­tion. But how long will that be? Hard to say, though they may have a new, awe­some device soon, so it may be worth wait­ing.

I had also men­tioned that AT&T would like­ly be pro­duc­ing Android devices, but that dynam­ic seems to have changed some­what: I sup­pose because of their ties with Apple and the iPhone, they’re not keen to pro­duce any com­pet­ing devices cur­rent­ly. And I can under­stand that, though it’s unfor­tu­nate.

It does seem like I’d be join­ing an active com­mu­ni­ty though. :)


An iPhone would be a sol­id choice, and I cer­tain­ly think the devices deserves (most of) the acclaim it’s been get­ting, but I’m not switch­ing from one pro­pri­etary mobile device to anoth­er. Even if it is Apple. I’m also not impressed with the inabil­i­ty to run back­ground appli­ca­tions, and while jail­break­ing the phone would open up a lot of extra func­tion­al­i­ty, I’m not inclined to do that. I don’t want to sup­port Apple by buy­ing their device if I don’t actu­al­ly sup­port how they design their soft­ware.


So my two choic­es feel like this: Get an iPhone (and pos­si­bly jail­break it) or switch to T‑Mobile if/when they release a sec­ond (slick­er-than-G1) device.

Are there oth­er choic­es? Which do you think I should do?