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Ubiquitous search

So I’m a big fan of Ubiquity. Easily one of my favorite Firefox extensions. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s basically a set of commands exposed in Firefox, akin to Quicksilver/GNOME Do/Launchy but, you know, for web stuff.

One of my favorite commands that I’ve found is simply called Search, courtesy of Blair McBride. It enables any existing search engines (OpenSearch) to be used within Ubiquity, so rather than issuing “amazon really neat stuff” or “google that thing I wanted to look up” I can simply issue “search politics with Google News”. The sky’s the limit.

Couple that with Add to Search Bar extension and you have some real power. Add to Search Bar allows you to right-click on a search field (on any website) and add it as a search engine in Firefox. Certainly the heavy hitters will be auto-detected as search engines, but this allows you to search what you want (e.g. Google Images, Boxoh universal package tracking, Snopes). Because a) I’ve collapsed my Search Engines bar and b) don’t use it directly anymore, I’ve added a lot more search engines:

My list of search engines
My list of search engines

I’ve suggested to the Ubiquity team that OpenSearch engines be automatically added (and the command syntax a bit less awkward), but the Search command is certainly a step in the right direction.