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The internet and your attention

You are busy. You have many demands on your time and attention. Never, under any conditions, hesitate to ignore anyone or anything that’s not making good use of your attention. Ever.

The ever-insightful Merlin Mann. The first thing I did was to stop following him on Twitter; he asked for it. :)

I suppose this also means I should focus my RSS reading on things that will help me learn, will enlighten me, or a selective set of quality distractions (because—let’s face it—I will read Dinosaur Comics).

I also think that Facebook fits in here somewhere—their lack of RSS meaning I just shouldn’t bother visiting their site perhaps?—but in general, I do think that a lot of the social sites are the chief computer distraction for me (and I’m guessing Merlin too, as he brought it up).

Anything else I should consider? I’m a sucker for good reading online, on a variety of topics, but I also recognize the need to limit oneself.