About me

Hi everyone! My name is Andrew Conkling, and this is my blog. :)

I currently live in Sandy Springs, GA, USA. I’m married to a wonderful woman, Deanna Wagner Conkling.

I work for Remember The Milk, the best task management website/service1, as their Technical Support Engineer. That means I answer questions, help to solve problems, and pass along diagnostic information to the rest of the team. It’s really fun; I love it!

My résumé is available in ODT or PDF.

Personally, I am a geek, of the computer variety. I am a strong advocate of Free software—Linux (Ubuntu), GNOME, Banshee, Mozilla Firefox, Apache/MySQL/PHP, WordPress. I am currently working to complete my degree in Computer Software Engineering through the University of Phoenix.

Additionally, I am interested in photography, travel, good movies, cooking, eating out—you know, the usual.

If you’re especially curious, you may enjoy my lifestream, where you can see what all I’m doing (on the internet, anyway).

Feel free to contact me.

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  1. “Of course you’d say this”, right? Well, I used and loved it for two years before being employed here.

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