Preventing the Higgs boson… from the future?

Essay — The Col­lid­er, the Par­ti­cle and a The­o­ry About Fate — NYTimes​.com

A pair of oth­er­wise dis­tin­guished physi­cists have sug­gest­ed that the hypoth­e­sized Hig­gs boson, which physi­cists hope to pro­duce with the col­lid­er, might be so abhor­rent to nature that its cre­ation would rip­ple back­ward through time and stop the col­lid­er before it could make one, like a time trav­el­er who goes back in time to kill his grand­fa­ther.

via GOOD

What I want to know is how far in the future it is that we a) dis­cov­er the Hig­gs boson and b) real­ize its dan­ger. It must be a while, unless time trav­el is immi­nent­ly pos­si­ble.

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