Well, it’s official

…Dean­na and I are mov­ing to Atlanta.


Gra­co, Dean­na’s com­pa­ny, is relo­cat­ing there. Newell Rub­ber­maid, the par­ent cor­po­ra­tion, is con­sol­i­dat­ing some of their com­pa­nies in one cor­po­rate cen­ter.



But you’re getting married in July! / Are you crazy?

Yes. / You could say that.1

Have you found a place? / Have you found a job?

Not yet, but we’re work­ing on it. / Not yet, but I’m work­ing on it.

And before you ask: no, we’re not buy­ing a house. Despite it being arguably a good time for buy­ers, we can’t afford a house yet, and we’re hap­py to have one few­er stress on the move. :)

Are you excited?

Oh, most def­i­nite­ly! :D We’ve been down there twice now to make our deci­sion, and we think it will be real­ly good for us.

  1. But we won’t. []

6 thoughts on “Well, it’s official

  1. con­grat­u­la­tions on so many things…finding each oth­er; mak­ing it per­ma­nent; accept­ing your move as part of the “plan”…all will be well with you and i wish you so much hap­pi­ness that you can’t quit smil­ing ever again!!!

  2. cool. usu­al­ly the wife relo­cates with her man, and there are lots of breakups because of work rea­sons. has been a wor­ry point for sylvia, my girl­friend (“what if you ever get a job in anoth­er city?” “i would­n’t take it if you could­n’t come with me”).

  3. Thanks every­one. :)

    Leonard: Def­i­nite­ly, rela­tion­ships trump work. In this case, it’s a good move for both of us per­son­al­ly — let alone for work — and while I’ll be sad to leave my job, it will be excit­ing to see what awaits around the cor­ner!

  4. That is awe­some. Pam and I did a sim­i­lar thing when we moved out here to SD. Wed­ding was in June and we had to move out here in Feb­ru­ary before it. It all worked out and in some ways was nice as you were removed from the sit­u­a­tion for get­ting things togeth­er for the wed­ding. Best of luck with the move.

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