Quick Tip: Get a Clipboard Manager

In an age of vast com­put­er mem­o­ry (well, rel­a­tive­ly speak­ing), it’s pret­ty arbi­trary at this point that our com­put­ers have a clip­board that only “holds” one item at a time.

Any­one else been burned by acci­den­tal­ly copy­ing over some­thing you were “sav­ing” in the clip­board? Or how many times have you opened a text edi­tor just to paste some text there­in while you were copy­ing mul­ti­ple things?

Enter the clip­board man­ag­er, which basi­cal­ly keeps a his­to­ry of things you’ve copied to pick at a lat­er date. Think of it, well, like a real clip­board: what you “clip” lat­er is sim­ply put on top of your pre­vi­ous clip­pings and you can eas­i­ly get back to all of them.

Here are some I rec­om­mend; pick accord­ing to your oper­at­ing sys­tem:


  1. I haven’t used this one, but it was the best of what I sur­veyed on the inter­net. If you know a bet­ter one, let me know! []
  2. I’ve been informed that Jump­cut is bet­ter than Clip­per, if only because Clip­per fea­tures no key­board short­cut. []

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