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So I’m a big fan of Ubiq­ui­ty. Eas­i­ly one of my favorite Fire­fox exten­sions. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s basi­cal­ly a set of com­mands exposed in Fire­fox, akin to Quick­sil­ver/GNOME Do/Launchy but, you know, for web stuff.

One of my favorite com­mands that I’ve found is sim­ply called Search, cour­tesy of Blair McBride. It enables any exist­ing search engines (OpenSearch) to be used with­in Ubiq­ui­ty, so rather than issu­ing “ama­zon real­ly neat stuff” or “google that thing I want­ed to look up” I can sim­ply issue “search pol­i­tics with Google News”. The sky’s the lim­it.

Cou­ple that with Add to Search Bar exten­sion and you have some real pow­er. Add to Search Bar allows you to right-click on a search field (on any web­site) and add it as a search engine in Fire­fox. Cer­tain­ly the heavy hit­ters will be auto-detect­ed as search engines, but this allows you to search what you want (e.g. Google Images, Box­oh uni­ver­sal pack­age track­ing, Snopes). Because a) I’ve col­lapsed my Search Engines bar and b) don’t use it direct­ly any­more, I’ve added a lot more search engines:

My list of search engines
My list of search engines

I’ve sug­gest­ed to the Ubiq­ui­ty team that OpenSearch engines be auto­mat­i­cal­ly added (and the com­mand syn­tax a bit less awk­ward), but the Search com­mand is cer­tain­ly a step in the right direc­tion.

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