Google’s Open Source Patches to Wine

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This idea deserves a full essay, but for now, con­sid­er: In the same way that Apple took Mac OS X and Cocoa and shrunk them to serve as a hand­held device OS, I think Google could take Android and grow it to serve as a PC OS. Wine would be to Android what Clas­sic was to Mac OS X.

The big win is say­ing “screw you” to KDE and Gnome and all those crap Lin­ux inter­faces and APIs. Start over with some­thing new, cohe­sive, bet­ter, and, most of all, which is not, con­cep­tu­al­ly, a watered down clone of Win­dows.

I’m real­ly not sure where Gru­ber is going with this. Google seems to like Wine for var­i­ous rea­sons (main­ly Picasa), but I don’t real­ly under­stand how it could vault Android into desk­top fame. It seems Wine is a “watered down clone” of Win­dows (its inter­nals, any­way) and I don’t real­ly see much future in it.

Obvi­ous­ly Gru­ber and I dis­agree on the var­i­ous suc­cess­es of the “open-source desk­top” mis­sion, but I don’t think Wine is the way to suc­cess.

John, I await your full essay; per­haps I mis­un­der­stand?

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  1. For what it’s worth, Gru­ber is not the first to sug­gest Android as a desk­top OS (http://​www​.lin​uxjour​nal​.com/​c​o​n​t​e​n​t​/​g​acl). I do agree with you that Wine is absolute­ly NOT the way to suc­cess in such an endeav­or. I’d imag­ine Google would agree. I think Google’s con­tri­bu­tions to Wine are more to do with improv­ing com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with their exist­ing prod­ucts (specif­i­cal­ly Picasa) than any­thing else.

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