McCain blames Obama for House bailout vote

One won­ders whether the Democ­rats, and Sen­a­tor Oba­ma, ever had any inten­tion of deliv­er­ing this bailout, or whether they always thought there was more to gain, polit­i­cal­ly, from let­ting the pack­age die on the House floor.

John​M​c​Cain​.com — Where Was the Lead­er­ship?

What both­ers me about this arti­cle is that it does­n’t paint a com­plete pic­ture.

Accord­ing to the New York Times, the final vote was 205 – 228. For Democ­rats, that was 140 – 95, or 60% for. For Repub­li­cans, that was 65 – 133, or 33% for. How is this pos­si­bly Oba­ma’s fault?

At the end of the day, I don’t think this is real­ly a mat­ter of blam­ing either McCain or Oba­ma (I don’t even think you could blame Pelosi or her speech), but this kind of politi­ciz­ing for the sake of your cam­paign, John, is sim­ply ludi­crous.

2 thoughts on “McCain blames Obama for House bailout vote

  1. Agreed, in prin­ci­ple. How­ev­er, I think it’s gross so many vot­ed for. The wealthy are too often keep­ing for them­selves the rewards of mar­ket hijinks, but foist­ing the loss­es on the pub­lic.

  2. Yeah, I still reserve prop­er judg­ment for when I com­plete­ly under­stand the issues (i.e. “nev­er” :P) but I’m inclined to dis­agree with it. (I got through about half of Pelosi’s speech last night, but I was inclined to agree with her. Maybe the offend­ing remarks were at the end? Or sim­ply not there?)

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