Keeping up with politics, revisited

It’s elec­tion sea­son here in the Unit­ed States, and there are a num­ber of big issues fac­ing our coun­try, espe­cial­ly as we look back on the last 4÷8÷12÷16 years and where they’ve brought us.

So a few weeks ago I asked about keep­ing up with pol­i­tics. I’m inter­est­ed in bal­anced opin­ions that clear­ly address issues while inform­ing read­ers about con­text (so some­one like me, who’s new to some of the specifics, can keep up with­out get­ting over­whelmed). A few results:

I’ve also attempt­ed to keep up with Penn­syl­va­nia state and local pol­i­tics (though no one has helped me here, for shame). This one’s a bit hard­er, as there is obvi­ous­ly less atten­tion, but so far I’ve found that Key­stone Pol­i­tics has enough news to keep me informed enough.

Of course, this is a very dynam­ic sub­ject — and a very dynam­ic time — so I’d appre­ci­ate any com­ments about things I’ve missed!

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