Hi, I’m a Mac… Beep, beep

Hi, I’m a Mac… Beep, beep

If Apple had gone the tra­di­tion­al route of por­tray­ing Microsoft as a gigan­tic monop­o­lis­tic borg, great at crush­ing com­pe­ti­tion through mar­ket pres­sure but capa­ble of devel­op­ing only mediocre prod­ucts, the ads would have been bor­ing. More accu­rate, per­haps, but bor­ing. They’d have been the 30 Sec­onds Hate, and that’s just so last cen­tu­ry. Instead Apple por­tray the PC as most­ly well-mean­ing, like­able, goofy… but com­plete­ly inef­fec­tu­al.

An inter­est­ing com­par­i­son of John Hodge­man-as-PC to Wile E. Coy­ote. As Chuck Jones said, “The audience’s sym­pa­thy must remain with the Coy­ote.” And, brush­ing by the para­noid “Microsoft is greedy” mantra that a lot of free soft­ware users seem to espouse, I think this por­tray­al of Microsoft is very accu­rate.

(via John Gru­ber)

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