BIS customers now getting instant IMAP e‑mail

BIS cus­tomers now get­ting instant IMAP e‑mail | Black­Ber­ry Cool

It’s great to see the upgrade, espe­cial­ly for BIS users who have had less-than-stel­lar deliv­ery times, but you have to won­der why it took so long for IMAP IDLE to be sup­port­ed.

Absolute­ly. This is the kind of fine print that they don’t warn you about when you get a Black­Ber­ry device. “We sup­port your IMAP and POP email, but only by rout­ing all traf­fic through our servers and delay­ing email. Oh, and you can’t just authen­ti­cate; you need, um, ser­vice books.”

That last detail was par­tic­u­lar­ly inter­est­ing to explain to my mom today, who was about to ask for a refund on her data plan from AT&T because she had­n’t been get­ting email for two weeks.

Actu­al­ly Mom, even though your user­name and pass­word are set up to check and to syn­chro­nize your email, there’s this extra lay­er of authen­ti­ca­tion called ser­vice books. They basi­cal­ly man­age the syn­chro­niza­tion between your device and the Black­Ber­ry servers, so your mail has prob­a­bly been “sit­ting on their serv­er” ready to deliv­er, but your device has­n’t been able to get into it.

Oh, yeah, and the ser­vice books? They will stop work­ing. Yes, even when your pass­word is cor­rect.

I sup­pose this whole instant IMAP serv­er upgrade is to make them more com­pet­i­tive in the ever-lucra­tive con­sumer mar­ket, but this is the kind of zero-day fea­ture that any real PDA should sup­port.

Count­ing down the days until I can switch to some­thing else… some­thing that sup­ports real inter­net would be good too. ;) Maybe by the time I’m ready ($$) to switch devices, there will even be a device (Android?) that will give me pause before imme­di­ate­ly jump­ing for an iPhone. But I’m not count­ing on it.

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