Obama Mobilizing His Followers via Twitter

On the Web, Oba­ma’s Twit­ter site now has more than 60,000 fol­low­ers, who receive updates from Oba­ma’s town hall meet­ings and links to his Web site.

The arti­cle also men­tions that “Repub­li­can John McCain’s cam­paign, mean­while, has not high­light­ed text mes­sages,” Instead McCain is going old-school with viral YouTube videos, [sic] “McCain’s recent ‘Celeb’ ad, which com­pared Oba­ma to Brit­ney Spears and Paris Hilton, has received about 2 mil­lion hits on YouTube.”

via Twit­ter Blog: Mobi­liz­ing His Fol­low­ers

My favorite part: the AP call­ing YouTube “old-school”.

4 thoughts on “Obama Mobilizing His Followers via Twitter

  1. I want to say to Oba­ma, Think “When my neigh­bor don’t work I don’t work. I don’t work I don’t pay tax­es!!”

    I would like to see a TAX Cred­it of $3000 for buy­ing a Amer­i­can made Cars and Trucks made in the USA by Amer­i­can Com­pa­nies with no less than 80% US and Cana­da Con­tent, And Com­pa­nies who put their prof­its into US Banks.

    Then think about all the INCOME tax you would col­lect with the Over­time and get­ting the Mid­dle Class back to work.

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